Women of Achievement Awards

We are dedicated to eliminate racism, empowering women, promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Nomination Process

  • A completed Nomination Form (page 1 of Nomination Form)
  • A typed narrative response (page 2 of Nomination Form)
  • Letters of support are strongly encouraged (no more than 2)

Event Specifics

  • Award recipients will be honored at a dinner and ceremony in the evening of Wednesday, March 21, 2018 beginning at 5:30pm at Horizons Conference Center in Saginaw.
  • YWCA also presents a pre-reception on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at YWCA Great Lakes Bay Region in Bay City. This is the opportunity for the honorees to meet one another and discuss the specifics of the March 21 event.

Criteria for Nomination

  • Have made Significant Contributions to the well-being of the community, state, or nation.
  • Have a Record of Accomplishment in her chosen field (professional or volunteer).
  • Be a Recognized Leader and demonstrate qualities of character and integrity.
  • Demonstrate the character of a Role Model for other women.
  • Be a Current Resident of the Great Lakes Bay Region - Bay, Saginaw, Midland, or Isabella County.
  • Be present at the Women of Achievement Awards dinner the evening of March 21, 2018.
  • A Lifetime Achievement nominee will have, through a lifetime of volunteer and/or professional activities, made outstanding contributions to her community.

Download Nomination Form Online Nomination Form

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Pam - web

Pamela Monastiere

Community Volunteer
Donker - web2

Maureen Donker

Reece Endeavor & City of Midland
Wierda - web

Carolyn Wierda

Saginaw Valley State University

2017 Women of Achievement Award Recipients

Zehnder - web

Dorothy Zehnder

Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn
Robinson - web

Drewe Robinson

Tri-Star Trust Bank
Butler - web2

Rhonda Butler

Public Libraries of Saginaw
Pant - web

Dr. Smriti Pant

Great Lakes Bay Health Centers & Saginaw Valley State University
Khan-Brown - web

Rehana Khan-Brown

Community Activist

2017 Women of Achievement Emerging Leaders

Jaskiewicz - web

Amelia Jaskiewicz

Northwood University
Meredith - web

Rebecca Meredith

Saginaw Valley State University
Sandoval - web

Kristina Sandoval

Delta College
Peacock - web

Jennifer Peacock

Central Michigan University

Past Recipients

Nominate a special woman today!
• Pamela Monastiere
• Maureen Donker
• Carolyn Wierda
• Dorothy Zehnder
• Drewe Robinson
• Rhonda Butler
• Dr. Smriti Pant
• Rehana Khan-Brown

• Amelia Jaskiewicz, Northwood University
• Rebecca Meredith, Saginaw Valley State University
• Kristina Sandoval, Delta College
• Jennifer Peacock, Central Michigan University
• Rozanne Giunta
• Fran Hamburg
• Kathy Conklin
• Terri Johnson
• Lesley Foxx Sims
• Dr. Deborah Huntley
• Judy Zehnder Keller
• Dr. Diane Postler-Slattery

• Florence Alexander, Saginaw Valley State University
• Ali Bourcier, Delta College
• Charnae Sanders, Central Michigan University
• Jennifer Spink, Northwood University
• Monica Reyes
• Kay Wagner
• Nichol Krupp
• Heidi Bolger
• Stacy Erwin Oakes
• Dot Hornsby
• Sheilda Braddock
• Karen Tighe
• Mary Neely

• Emily Bagwell, Northwood University
• Tenesha Blair, Delta College
• Hillary Degner, Saginaw Valley State University
• Alayna Smith, Central Michigan University
• Linda Cline
• Angelia Williams-Welch
• Dr. Tracy Weber
• Lyndsay Edmonds
• Lisa Rechsteiner
• Suzanne Greenberg
• Roselyn Argyle
• Bonnie McManus
• Dee Dee Wacksman
• Dorothy McKandes
• Dr. Kimberly Prime
• Dr. Mamie Thorns
• Cheryl Burzynski
• Melissa Bernard
• Barbara Engelhardt
• Alicia Flynn
• Jenee Velasquez

• Racquel Fakhouri, Northwood University
• Marissa Geyer, Saginaw Valley State University
• Stephanie Pocsi, Central Michigan University
• Helen Szabo, Delta College
• Nancy Lepard Barker
• Dr. Jean Goodnow
• Culli Damuth
• Tammy Bernier
• Diane Fong
• Lori Gwizdala
• Evelyn McGovern
• Carmen Menchaca
• Ellen Talbott
• Anne Trahan

• Rachel Church, Northwood University
• Jeri Gravlin, Delta College
• Amanda Helton, Saginaw Valley State University
• Stefanie Turner, Central Michigan University
• Jacquelyn Baker, Delta College
• Kristian Patterson, Saginaw Valley State University
• Sara Pawlaczyk, Northwood University
• Liesel Toth, Central Michigan University

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