Women’s Empowerment Symposium

Keynote Speaker

7 Steps to Living Authentically with Passion and Purpose

Beth Bryce – Career Strategist & Transformation Coach
What is your passion? Does your daily life revolve around it including your work? Working without passion and purpose our lives grows empty and lifeless. While people may have a vision for the life they desire, they just can’t seem to grasp the “how” and find themselves stuck in their fears and self-limiting beliefs. Am I good enough? Can I afford to change? What will people think?

Keynote speaker, Beth Bryce will share seven steps to boldly start living authentically with passion and purpose and help debunk tired excuses and old thought patterns.

Breakout Sessions

Are You Feeling the Burn?
How to Avoid Personal and Professional Burn Out

Todd Bradley
Did you know that 87 percent of employees are “not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” from their jobs? Are you feeling burnt out in your professional or personal life? Are you looking for ways to avoid that feeling and be excited and engaged again?

Todd Bradley is here to help you learn the importance of a healthy work life balance that assists in maintaining the energy and focus necessary to execute effectively. With this session you will take away methods that can be implemented tomorrow that will enhance your quality of living and personal satisfaction.

Ask for It … And Get What You Want!
Negotiation skills for Women

Barbara M. Littles
Women do not tend to ask for raises, promotions, or better opportunities. They don’t ask for recognition for the work they do or for more help at home.

As women’s lives have become increasingly complex and business structures continue to rapidly change, negotiating skills have become a necessity.

Barbara Littles will share key skills to help you become a confident negotiator. You have worked hard for it and now is the time to get what you deserve!

Coasting at Work?
Here’s how to get UNstuck!

Kristina Marsh - Founder, Marketing Flexibility and Kris Marsh Consulting
According to many years of Gallup polling, unhappy employees outnumber happy ones by about two to one! Which one are you? Do you feel stuck? Wondering how do you get UNstuck? Learn to get UNstuck by building a personal brand that drives your vision.

Whether you are facing a job change, considering entrepreneurship or simply ready to get intentional about your career or business, this experience is for you. Discover the key to your personal brand during this session.

After a 15-year career with a global corporation, Kris found herself on the other side of a layoff, wondering how to define herself outside of the corporate world. During your personal brand experience, Kris will take you on her proven process of self-discovery.

The Most Powerful Way to Influence Others
New Communication Skills for Life Success

Dave Anderson – Professor, Our Community Listens
Business runs on human relations. The vast majority of conflicts that hinder business arise because of poor communication, not differences of opinion.

We are talking about that unsettling feeling that arises as we deal with differences of opinion. Dave Anderson will help us recognize a more effective way to confront another person when needing a behavior change to occur.

One of his key takeaways will be the idea of using the bended-knee approach vs. the way of the bat when dealing with a person who continuously challenges you with behavioral issues.

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