Women’s Economic Empowerment Program (WEEP)

Our Women's Economic Empowerment Program (WEEP) offers three ways for women to increase stability through focused programming, short and long term support and building relationships in the community.

Getting Ahead is our comprehensive 11-week workshop offered to women struggling financially and involves a combination of self-examination, economic education and building eleven essential resources to increase overall stability in life. Moving Ahead is our 5-week financial literacy program based on curriculum by AllState Foundation to support women who have experienced domestic violence and are working towards financial stability and independence. Staying Ahead is our ongoing, long term support program for women who are graduates of Moving Ahead and Getting Ahead which offers twice monthly group meetings, individual assistance, support with building resources and continuing encouragement for the journey of increasing overall stability.

WEEP participants are also currently being offered a free year long subscription to You Need a Budget (YNAB), thanks to the generosity of donations through YNAB for Good, a program designed by YNAB to partner with non-profit organizations to support underrepresented and marginalized communities in helping the process of building financial resources to be more fun and accessible.

Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead is an 11-week workshop which meets twice a week to offer comprehensive support for participants as they study the patterns of economic class, debt-to-income ratio, financial resources, hidden rules, language, family structures, the impact of trauma, social capital, emotional resources and more to build overall stability in life.

We meet women where they are and support them in creating their future stories through making peace with the past, identifying where they want to go and creating a clear plan with action steps to move forward. All participants leave the class with personal economic action plans for success and are eligible to apply for funding to support education, employment or entrepreneurship. Graduates are invited to continue the journey with our Staying Ahead program, which provides long term follow up support to build resources, increase stability and work through challenges along the way.

Getting Ahead Spring 2021 Schedule

• Enrollment: February
• 11 Week Program - March 15-June 3, 2021; held online with Zoom due to COVID-19
• Graduation: Friday, June 4
“Thank you for the amazing class and motivation. Getting Ahead literally gave me a second chance at the life and career I want to have. This means the world to me and my children because I get to better their lives as well.” - 2018 Getting Ahead Graduate

Moving Ahead

Moving Ahead is a 5-week workshop that meets once a week to offer in depth financial literacy education for participants affected by domestic violence. Women gain understanding about financial abuse, financial fundamentals, the importance of good credit, how to apply for loans, mortgages and creating life-long budgeting skills.

All participants leave the class with a budget based on current circumstances and are eligible to apply for a stipend to support basic needs, debt repayment or a savings match. Graduates are invited to continue the journey with our Staying Ahead program, which provides long term follow up support to build resources, increase stability and work through challenges along the way.

Moving Ahead 2021 Schedule

• Enrollment: April
• 5 Week Program - April19 - May 17, 2021; held online with Zoom due to COVID-19

Staying Ahead

Building resources requires support and consistency over time. Setbacks can occur and we're here to help you work through them! Staying Ahead offers continuing long term support for women who graduate from Getting Ahead and Moving Ahead with group meetings, individual assistance and occasional workshops.

Staying Ahead group meetings are an opportunity to connect with other grads, stay focused on goals, revise and create new goals, work through challenges, strengthen skills needed to achieve goals, continue connecting with the community, share inspiration and encouragement with each other and celebrate progress along the way. Staying Ahead grads can also contact us anytime to schedule a one-on-one meeting.

Staying Ahead 2021 Schedule

Staying Ahead group meetings are held online with Zoom twice monthly from 2-3pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Many of our grads are finding the flexibility of online meetings to be helpful for attending in various circumstances.

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