Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead is our 13-week workshop offered to women struggling financially and involves a combination of self-examination and economic education. Participants study the patterns of economic class, debt-to-income ratio, hidden rules, language, family structures, and social capital. All participants leave the class with personal economic action plans for success and are eligible for an educational stipend.

The Getting Ahead curriculum creates the foundation for a new mindset for participants living in poverty. This 13-week workshop is followed with support services to assist participants with their economic action plan. These support services include case management, reinforcement of curriculum, employment and education resources and direct assistance.

The curriculum and action plans allow us to engage and empower women to transition out of the cycle of poverty into financial stability.

"The Getting Ahead program has given us encouragement, support, and knowledge. Thank you all so very much!"

- 2016 Graduate

2020 Spring Schedule

• Enrollment: February
• 13 Week Program

• Bay County: 10am-1pm Tuesdays, March 10-June 2, OFF March 31
• Midland County: 9:30am-12:30pm Thursdays, March 12-June 4, OFF April 2
• Saginaw County: 10am-1pm Tuesdays, March 10-June 2, OFF March 31
• Graduation: Friday, June 5

2020 Fall Schedule

• Enrollment: August
• 13 Week Program
• Bay County: TBD
• Midland County: TBD
• Saginaw County: TBD
• Graduation: Friday, December 18

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