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Circles of Empowerment will consist of groups of women from a variety of backgrounds, careers and ages, yet all sharing a skill, passion or purpose in life. To begin we would like to have women with shared visions come together in groups of 10-12.

Group topics will be able to be determined by the needs/wants of those involved, ensuring they are receiving the greatest benefit on a personal and professional level. The frequency of meetings will also depend on the groupsí preferences. Any of the YWCA sites will be able to hosts to groups, at a site most convenient for the majority of the group members.


Circles of Empowerment will provide an empowered space for women to express emotion, share ideas, and develop relationships for lasting friendships in a supportive group setting.

The circles will provide a platform for new ideas in the business landscape of the Great Lakes Bay Region to ensure women are placed in critical role within these business ventures. Women can feel comfortable to live out passions with the strong support of empowered women around them.


You will receive all the benefits above for only $10 per month. We offer three different payment options and can accept checks payable to YWCA Great Lakes Bay Region.

If one joins a Circle during the year their fees will be prorated depending on which payment option they choose. Credit cards can be accepted by calling the office at 989.894.9055. Online payments are not available at this time.

Three payment options are available:

• One time $120 payment (January)
• Two $60 payments (January & July)
• One time payment of $125 and become part of YWCA Circle of Giving Women (cannot be prorated)

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