What is #52Women52Weeks?

YWCA Great Lakes Bay Region’s #52Women52Weeks series is an initiative to highlight 52 outstanding women in the Great Lakes Bay Region who are making their dreams and goals a reality.

These women emulate the attributes of a strong woman through how they empower other women, face challenges head on and make a difference in the lives of others across the region. They have graciously shared their best pieces of advice with you and more.

How are the woman chosen?

All of the women have been nominated by her fellow community members. Nominate a deserving woman today by clicking the link to the left.

What happens once I submit a nomination?

All nominations are reviewed within three business days of being submitted. If your nominee meets the criteria, we will reach out to her via email. The email will include our interview questions and request a headshot and short bio.

What is the criteria to be nominated?

1. Must live in the Great Lakes Bay Region. 2. Be an inspiring woman. 3. Replies to her nomination email.

How are the honorees honored?

We publish the #52Women52Weeks every Wednesday on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The order in which honorees are published is random.

Congratulations to the women on being selected to YWCA Great Lakes Bay Region’s #52Women52Weeks series!
2017 Women
Jenifer Acosta 2/22
Abbe Adair 4/5
Joni Boye-Beaman 7/12
Loyce Brown 3/1
Beth Bryce 2/1
Kate Cardinali 8/9
Lori Carroll 8/30
Marcie Cervantes-Kennedy 4/19
Ann Coburn-Collins 9/27
Chey Davis 8/23
Bethany Dutcher 3/29
Patricia Franklin-Lindsey 5/31
Justis Heppner 6/28
Valerie Hoffman 9/20
Laura Horwath 1/5
Renee Johnston 7/5
Kristin Knoll 6/7
Kristi Kozubal 1/11
Marybeth Laisure 7/19
Jaime Leyrer 5/25
Shannon Lijewski 8/2
Tosha Lijewski 9/6
Barbara Littles 2/15
Evelyn McGovern 5/3
Jen Naegele 3/8
Laura Owczarzak 9/13
Alayna Partaka 6/14
Jesse Pero 5/17
Leslie Perry 1/25
Kayla Petz 4/12
Nina Rand 3/5
Felicia Rose-Berry 4/26
Dr. Shawna Ruple 7/26
Magen Samyn 3/22
Heather Spencer 6/21
Erin Strayer 5/10
Jackie Taylor 8/16
Lisa Thompson 1/18
Tara Welch 2/8
2018 Women
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